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A video interview is a rather modern trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video interview gives a more precise description of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. With a video interview, it is easier for candidates to present themselves before a prospective employer. Moreover, it also helps employers assess the candidacy of a candidate that would have been otherwise vivid in a traditional resume.

1. Showcases Your Personality

A video camera is a powerful tool that can elicit your true personality. So, you have good chances of expressing your inner self with a video interview. When you record your profile with a positive body language, the employer feels attracted and engaged. This gives you an edge over other applicants who cannot avail this edge via a traditional resume.

2. Reflects Your Enthusiasm

A one-way video interview helps you express your enthusiasm more effectively than a paper resume. It can easily put across your feelings and your aspirations that you look forward to in a job. With a video, you are able to translate your feelings in your body language that will convince the employer that you are serious about the job.

3. Creates A Perfect First Impression

When it comes to creating a right impression, a video gives you more control over a paper resume. Unlike a face-to-face interview, you are free to present yourself the way you want with a one-way video interview. Ultimately, you have an edge over other candidates who cannot create the same impression with a paper resume.

4. Sells Your Skills

With a one-way video interview, you can easily pitch well before an employer. A video gives you the liberty to demonstrate your technical skills in verbal and non-verbal manner. In a verbal manner, you can demonstrate your customer dealing abilities for a sales job. In a non-verbal manner, you can show off your camera and lighting skills if your target job position relates to photography.

5. Shows Your Sense Of Technology

A one-way video interview reflects that you are a technologically savvy person, who has a knack for current trends. Employers give preferences to candidates who have a taste in technology and are aware about the best practices. This will go against favor of other candidates who cannot portray the same attitude via a paper resume.

6. Simple And Easy To Do

A one-way video interview does not require an entire team. It is a simple and hassle-free process. Today, you can avail various video editing tools that can help you create your video the way you want. All you need is a camera and a prop that can hold your camera while you film yourself.

7. Highlights Your Funny Side

A one-way video interview can show your humorous side as well to the employer. So, if you think you have a sense of humor and can make people laugh, a video can bring out your that side to the employer. Employers look for candidates who have a sense of humor as employees love the company of vibrant and dynamic people. However, you should not get carried away while showing that funny side of yours.

  • October 26, 2021
  • i/videoresume


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