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Suburban Chicago Schools Virtual Networking Fair for Teachers


Dear Job Seeker,

Welcome to the Suburban Chicago Schools Virtual Networking Fair for Teachers.  The Suburban Chicago Schools consortium is the teacher recruiting affiliate of the Northwest Personnel Administrators.  We are a group of public education human resources administrators comprised of 23 public school districts located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Nearly 50 suburban high schools and several elementary/middle schools are staffed by our member districts.  Our elite schools consistently rank among the very best in the nation. Offering access to diverse student populations, unrivaled support for teachers, high-quality facilities, highly competitive salaries and lucrative benefits, our member districts are very attractive places to work and enjoy a life-long career in education.  

To begin the process of being considered for a teaching position at one or more of the school districts in the consortium, please participate in the "Introduce Yourself" opportunity that we are providing to all interested job seekers. Once you have introduced yourself by creating your free video resume using our software platform, your video resume will be shared with ALL member districts for their review.  Job seekers may then be contacted by individual school districts to inquire about your interest in applying for one or more of their available positions. Our convenient process means you only spend the time necessary to complete an online application if you are contacted by an interested school district.  Best of all, you can complete your video resume from the comfort of your own home, office or classroom! In summary, this is an easy and efficient opportunity for you to network with 23 Chicago-area school districts by participating in just one virtual career experience. 

So relax and let your personality show through as you introduce yourself to us, both as a person and a professional. Please be sure to follow the instructions and complete the practice recording.  For more information about the member school districts, please visit our website at  On behalf of everyone associated with the Suburban Chicago Schools Virtual Networking Fair for Teachers, we would like to thank you for expressing interest in our member school districts and providing us with the opportunity to learn more about you. Good luck!

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