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The purpose of the Oregon School Personnel Association (OSPA) is to: a) foster the staffing of Oregon school systems with the highest qualified individuals; and b) encourage and assist in the development and utilization of exemplary school personnel administration practices.


Job Details

The Oregon School Personnel Association Human Resources Leadership Award is given to an active member of OSPA who has distinguished him/herself in personnel administration; is involved and a contributing participant in personnel functions and/or programs; whose contributions have had a significant impact on public education; is a skilled manager of change and is creative in his/her approach to personnel administration; approaches personnel administrative work with a sense of humor and sense of respect for his/her fellow persons. The nominee must be a current OSPA member and currently serving in a personnel administrative position.

  • December 15, 2017
  • i/ospahrleader2017director


We are sorry, but this opportunity is no longer available.
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