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BTEK - Powered by Interapt

For the past seven years and counting, Interapt has proven that great technology can be built outside of Silicon Valley. Our enterprise solutions include a mix of mobile apps for smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, and wearables.

Our work focuses on implementing new technologies in the workplace, enriching customer and employee engagement, solving operational challenges, and securing new opportunities. We've partnered with companies from the Fortune 500 through small and mid-sized businesses in Healthcare, Media, Fast Food, Insurance, Utilities and Government.

Job Details

The program lasts 16 weeks and focuses on establishing computer science principles and project-based education. Students will begin with introduction to basic programming and computer science concepts, and then will advance to developing multiple mobile apps and learn more advanced concepts such as project architecture and computational thinking. The final stage of the program will be a series of group projects followed by a capstone project allowing the students to improve their abilities and gain teamwork experience. The goal of the program will be to give students the skills and experience they need to succeed in the world of technology.

  • July 18, 2018
  • i/Interapt-BTEK


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