Maine Township High School District 207

Mandated Compliance Training Videos for D207


Dear D207 Staff Member,

The training videos you are about to view serve as a more time-efficient option for you compared to viewing the GCN tutorials.  Please know that these training videos have been approved by our risk management company, the regional office of education and our legal firm.  In total, the 10 training videos will take you less than 60 minutes to complete.  Of course, you do NOT have to complete them all in one sitting, but you must complete them all by November 1st.

We hope you find this alternative approach to the mandated trainings we must complete to be a more efficient use of your time.  Again, if you complete this option you will NOT have to complete the GCN tutorials unless otherwise directed.  For some employees, like custodians, coaches and CTE and Science teachers, there will be some required tutorials that you must complete through your GCN account. 

To get started, simply register by entering your name and school email address and then check the authorization box.  If you have any questions, please contact Greg Dietz.

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